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Aquinity² P35 et P70

Water purification systems

Aquinity² P35/P70 versions have an independent tank from which RO water can be tapped (e.g. for glassware cleaning).
The water quality from this tank depends on the feed water quality; in general the RO holds back 98% of all ions. The tank can be installed at the side or above the system or even underneath the bench.

Tapping of ultrapure water is done with our flexible but also lockable dispenser as incorporated in all membraPure ultrapure water systems. Built-in TOC monitoring is also available with the Aquinity² P35/P70 versions.
Aquinity² P35/P70 is the perfect system for a medium-sized lab.
  • Permeate rate: 10 l/h
  • Resistivity: 18.2 MOhm x cm
  • Conductivity: 0,055 µS/cm
  • Reservoir: 35 l or 70 l
  • Flow Rate UPW: 2 l/min
  • Endotoxins: < 0.001 EU/ml (LifeScience version)
  • TOC
    < 10 ppb (Reagent version)
    < 3 ppb (Analytical version with UV)
    < 5 ppb (LifeScience version with UV and UF)
Please click here to view the video and to learn more about Aquinity² P35/70.

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