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Fume cupboards

Extration fume cupboards BURDINOLA

Burdinola Become Standard fume cupboard (pursuant to point 6 of part 2 of UNE EN 14175 standard) is manufactured from materials resistant to: mechanical, chemical and thermal efforts:
  • Mechanical: Burdinola fume cupboards are robust since their side support frames are made from steel tubing with 1mm plate closures.
  • Chemical and thermal: Quality of materials used inside the cabinet. The cabinet interior is made from damp-proof vertical TOP- LAB PLUS resistant to: acid, base, solvents and temperature aggressions, with an M1 fireproof classification.
  • Worktops in technical stoneware: chemical attack proof.
  • Useful Capacity: Provides greater interior volume with an interior cupboard height of 1400 and glass upper section enabling complete visibility of the trials going on inside.
The metal side structures which are M0 fireproof, endow the fume cupboard with robust resistant structural assembly.

The quality of the fume cupboard interior cabin materials enables Burdinola to offer a 10 year warranty for the same.

The best market standard in operation and safety

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