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Bench-top shaker Celltron


For the best results in cell culture, every step counts. The Celltron is a small shaker specially developed for use in CO2 incubators

Incubator shaker Minitron

An all-round genius in a small space. In terms of capacity, the Minitron is the little sister of the Multitron incubation shaker

Incubator shaker Multitron Standard

The Multitron Standard incubation shaker comes standard with everything you need for microbial applications and insect cell cultures.

Incubator shaker Multitron

The Multitron is the number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures.

Liquid injection system in flasks : LIS


LIS is the first easy-to-use technology allowing for automatic, parallelized and uncomplicated feeding of liquids in shake flasks.

Online biomass monitoring for flasks : CGQ


The Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) is a laboratory device for online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks without taking the flasks out of the incubation shaker

StickyStuff adhesive matting for trays


« Sticky Stuff » adhesive matting are compatible with all trays.