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Ductless filtration fume hoods ERLAB Captair Smart

Ductless filtration fume hoods ERLAB

Whether you are working with liquids or powders, Erlab's advanced filtration technology will keep you safe.

Fume cupboards

Extration fume cupboards BURDINOLA
Burdinola Become Standard fume cupboard (pursuant to point 6 of part 2 of UNE EN 14175 standard) is manufactured from materials resistant to:

Mobile PCR workstation ERLAB Captair Bio

PCR worstation ERLAB
With more than 50 years of experience, Captair Bio Smart PCR Workstations are designed to protect sensitive biological applications

Ductless filtering storage cabinets ERLAB Captair Smart

Storage cabinets ERLAB
Erlab’s 50 years of expertise in research, design and manufacturing of filtered storage cabinets guarantee superior filtration to keep you protected

Fume cupboards for concentrated acids Burdinola Become AC & ACL

Extration fume cupboards BURDINOLA

Laboratory fume cupboards are pieces of collective protection equipment that are useful

Ductless filtering clean air enclosure ERLAB Captair Flow

PCR worstation ERLAB

With more than 50 years of experience, Captair Flow Smart clean-air enclosures feature HEPA H14 (or ULPA U16) filters

Extraction arms for laboratoires : FUMEX ME

Extration arms FUMEX

The unique joint design of the Fumex ME results in a very low pressure drop, which produces many valuable benefits

Filtration system for safety/acid cabinets ERLAB ChemTrap

Storage cabinets ERLAB
ChemTrap filters the air from a safety/acid cabinet's internal chamber, captures and retains toxic fumes, and returns clean air back