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Incubator shaker Multitron


The Multitron is the number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures. The incubation shaker guarantees homogeneous conditions and delivers reproducible results, leaving nothing to be desired regarding its features and capacity.

Housing :
Interior is tall enough for 5 L Erlenmeyer flasks
Can be set up as either a free-standing unit or benchtop unit, or in a three-tier stacking configuration
Floor pan for easy cleaning
Drive :
Quiet, uniform and reliable every time you load it
Dynamically balanced table eliminates the need for manual adjustments
Eliminates handling errors
Easy to clean
Temperature control :
Tight control of temperature across the incubator shaker ensures identical conditions for every batch
Can be connected to existing laboratory cooling system
Optional cooling in base or on the top unit for optimum space utilization
Excellent insulation and avoiding heat sources in the incubation chamber keep energy demand low

Hygiene :
Rounded corners make the interior easy to clean
Optional antimicrobial coating
Optional UV sterilization of the air flow
Optional hygienic, condensate-free direct-steam humidification

Operating unit :
Touch controller with a separate display field for an ideal overview
Intuitive operation for easy handling
Precise control and monitoring
Integrated timer
Wireless data transfer for connecting to eve®

Connections and interfaces :
Ethernet interface for connecting to eve®
Optional analog output ports for connecting to existing monitoring and alarm systems
Conduit for sensors and cables comes standard

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