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Incubator shaker Multitron Standard


The Multitron Standard incubation shaker comes standard with everything you need for microbial applications and insect cell cultures. All you need to determine is the number of units, the shaking throw and if a cooling is needed — and then you can get right to work.

Housing :
Interior is tall enough for 5 L Erlenmeyer flasks
Can be set up as either a free-standing unit or benchtop unit, or in a three-tier stacking configuration
Floor pan for easy cleaning

Drive :
Patented Penta drive with dynamic balancing
Quiet and vibration-free
Precise shaking speed control

Operating unit :
Intuitive operation for easy handling
Precise control and monitoring
Integrated timer

Floor load :
For three stacked units: Less than 500 kg per square meter
Tray capacity :
197 x 25ml; 131 x 50ml; 91 x 100ml; 48 x 250ml; 31 x 500ml; 19 x 1000ml; 13 x 2000ml; 9 x 3000ml; 8 x 4000ml or 6 x 5000ml

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