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ISCHI Ph21 Software

Software for testers

The Ph21 pharmaceutical quality assurance system enables you to control and evaluate your tablet testers, disintegration testers and weighing machines centrally. Once it is stored in the central product database, you can use product-specific data for all tests on the connected devices.
The system supports the connection of up to 32 external pharmaceutical testing devices, including Kraemer Elektronik’s well-known UTS tablet testing systems, tablet hardness testers and disintegration testers, scales, as well as weighing systems for in-process control.
For larger applications, the Ph21 system can be installed and operated as a client-server application. The entire software is 100% compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and allows you to use a wide scope of evaluation options for completed tests. Automatic backups in the background guarantee failsafe in-process control.
Numerous interfaces are available for communication and data exchange with external software applications.

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