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Liquid injection system in flasks : LIS


LIS is the first easy-to-use technology allowing for automatic, parallelized and uncomplicated feeding of liquids in shake flasks. The systems consists of three components: the drive, the cartridge and optionally the software. Various predefined feeding profiles allow users to quickly create individual feeding strategies for their shake flask cultures. By using the LIS software, experiments can be monitored and controlled wirelessly. Additionally, it allows you to configure individual feeding profiles. LIS is compatible with various substances such as sugars, alcohols as well as acids or bases.

Please click here, to lern more about the Liquid Injection System LIS.
Technical specification :
- Pump flow rate : Max. 1ml/min.
- Battery run time : 1 week (depending on feeding profile), charge time 2 hours.
- Height with mounting ring : 88mm (over the flask).
- Shake flask sizes : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml and 5000ml.
- Temperature : 10 to 45°C.
- Relative humidity : 0 to 85% (no condensing).

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