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On-line & off-line membraPure uniTOC with NDIR detection

TOC analyzers

The uniTOC from membraPure is used for online or offline TOC analysis with NDIR detection for a wide range of applications.
The precise high definition instruments for the online and offline determination of TOC from tap water to ultrapure water.
Two innovative instruments for TOC analysis, uniTOC online and uniTOC lab, combine high-end analytical components certified to USP <643>, EP 2.2.44, DIN EN 1484, DIN 32645 and 21 CFR part 11.
The graphical control with the 10” touchscreen display and the data management of the control and analysis software meet all international standards for the determination of TOC.
The instruments are designed for monitoring process water in areas such as pharmaceutical, microelectronics or chemical applications, as well as the production of potable water or ultrapure water.

With the uniTOC analysers, membraPure provides the perfect instruments to meet the demands of the existing regulations.
Please click here to see the video and to learn more about uniTOC.

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