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Online biomass monitoring for flasks : CGQ


The Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) is a laboratory device for online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks without taking the flasks out of the incubation shaker. The CGQ determines the biomass concentration automatically and non-invasively by a patented optical measurement. Thus, profound microbial growth kinetics of highest precision can be generated.
The CGQ is suitable for online biomass monitoring of algae, Archaea, bacteria, fungi, plant cells and yeast
Please click here, to learn more about the Cell Growth Quantifier for flasks CGQ.

Technical specification :

- Shake flask sizes : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml and 5000ml.
- Rotation speed : 150 to 350rpm (with clamps) - 0 to 200rpm (with Sticky Stuff)
- Temperature :  10 to 50°C
- Humidity : 0 to 80% (no condensing)
- Measuring range : OD600 from 0,2 to 5013

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